5th International Congress on Football Law

5th International Congress on Football Law


The Spanish Football Federation has host in Madrid at the end of October 2013 a new edition of the International Congress on Football Law.

A lot of topics were debated during those two days, in particular:
- The international transfer of the footballer: key points from a legal perspective by Daniel CRAVO;
- The novelties of the 2013 CAS procedural Code by Matthieu REEB;
- The new 2013 UEFA Disciplinary Regulations by Emilio A. GARCIA SILVERO;
- Decisions of the DRC and CAS rulings 2011-2013 about the solidarity mechanism by Kepa LARUMBE BEAIN and Marta RUIZ-AYUCAR TORRES (RFEF) ;
- CAS & Football: main rulings from 2011-2013 by Michele BERNASCONI.

Lots of other issues were discussed during this Congress. For instance, during a round table about investment funds, Alasdair BELL, Legal director of the UEFA, has confirmed that UEFA strongly objects to the TPO mechanism. And, if FIFA does not prohibit this kind of mechanism in the next future, UEFA could even prohibit the clubs that use the TPO mechanism from participating to its competitions...


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